July 2023


Another month almost complete, this one filled with lots of living and a variety of emotions with little time to pause. I was finally reunited with Miki after she stayed almost a month in Arizona to see to it that her father Makoto healed after a recent procedure, which he did and we’re all so grateful. Miki’s birthday! A chance to capture all that was over the last year. There were the teens I practice yoga and qigong with weekly, their joy and delight as we meditated on eating enchiladas, beans, microgreens, tortilla chips and salsa prepared by their teacher, teachers wife, daughter and partner. We included intentions of gratitude to our ancestors, especially to my mom, for passing along the recipes. July, a month when a community of folks here on Oahu working daily to help those in need came together to comfort one another after suddenly losing a young one due to a broken system, to celebrate her precious life and raise awareness. Heartbreaking. And finally, a last minute trip to California to come together with family I hadn’t seen in a long, long time. I was so glad I did as we caught up on life and spent time just being with each other, talking story and remembering those who were not able to be there with us physically, but still so very present in our hearts with their stories which we share so that the next generation can pass them along to their children. At some point, we become the ancestors. Feel them, daily. Remember your roots. We’ll take time this week with jing energy, the door of life where our physical energy resides, vitality and the connection to our ancestry.