Greetings From Lawrence: January 2022

Happy New Year!! 

Another month has quickly passed and I’m happy to report our belongings arrived safely just before the 25th of December, making for the grandest unwrapping of gifts ever for Christmas.  Brought back childhood memories of acting surprised on the big morning after secretly finding the pre-wrapped presents from Santa days before.  Sorry Mom.  As we hit it pretty hard with all the unpacking and beginning the facelift in our yoga space, efforts came to a screeching halt as Miki and I came down with nasty colds.  Following my own guidance to others about getting plenty of rest and fluids, we were both feeling much better about a week into the new year and now getting back on track with all we wish to bring this year.


60th Birthday Fundraiser

A huge mahalo to everyone who supported my 60th Birthday Celebration and Fundraiser.   Leading up to the day of the ride the weather forecast kept calling for rain.  Family and friends’ prayers asking the rain gods to take the day off were heard, gifting us with an abundance of sunshine and experiencing the most epic 34 miles of my life as we ended at 10,000 feet atop Haleakala.  I must say it was quite humbling getting to the top, but knowing all of you had my back was uplifting and inspiring.  And if that wasn’t enough, I was overjoyed as many of you took time out of your busy schedules to join us for the 108 Sun Salutations the following day.  Your love brings over $3,000 toward the Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation, Kokua Hawaii Foundation and Veggielution.  There is still time to contribute if you haven’t already by clicking here.


Yoga For Men

OK, so what is this Yoga For Men class I’m teaching online at Breathe Together Yoga?  First, let’s be clear:  Yoga is for everyone, and it is my hope that someday every human being on this planet will have an opportunity to experience and even practice on a regular basis.  So why teach a class just for men?  For starters, I’ve lived in a man’s body over the last 60 years and wish to share what I’ve learned as a practitioner of yoga.   Now, men are all built and wired differently, but in general, there are certain physical characteristics that we seem to have in common, like tight hips and hamstrings, limited mobility through the shoulders, and unhealthy lower backs to name a few.  I’ve been fortunate to study with teachers showing ways of bringing more strength and mobility to these and other areas that helped my own yoga practice, which I bring here.   An observation I’ve made of yoga classes geared especially for men is that the focus seems to be solely on postures, which is only one small part of yoga, one of eight limbs.  Yoga for Men is different at Breathe Together.  As we practice, we contemplate and experience the other limbs as well like the ethics referred to as the Yamas and Niyamas, breath work, concentration, introspection and meditation.  Interwoven in our practice we explore the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita and other beautifully written works that ARE yoga.  For those men who are at the beginning of their yoga journey not quite ready to be in a studio setting, this online offering is perfect for you and geared for all levels.  After our practice is done, we make time to hang out and share whatever is on our mind while honoring and respecting one another.   If this sounds like something you might wish to try, join us Thursday nights at 7:15pm Pacific Time by registering here.


Easing In To Each New Day

I leave you now with a little gift, a routine I practice first thing every morning.  I’ve found as each year goes by those first few minutes rising up and out of bed are challenging, especially on cold mornings, with tight and achy body parts.  This routine brings a gentle attention to breath, the joints, connective tissue, muscles and lines of energy also known as meridians to ready you inside and out for a healthy and energetic start to a new day.   Let’s give it a try by clicking here and subscribe (free) to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already.


Family tells me January has been a bit dry in the San Francisco Bay Area since December’s downpours.  Connecting our rain gods here on the island with yours in California to bring more in the coming weeks.  Be joyful, healthy and free.

With Love,