Celebrating Our Roots & Mana

“Diversify the faces of yoga in Hawai’i while preserving the people, land, and culture that are Hawai’i.” – Project Koa Yoga

It was the last Saturday of October and through qigong we celebrated our kupuna, our ancestry, our roots. Feeling them in our hearts, we opened our practice with an invitation to our beloved ancestors to join us, their love and wisdom passed on to us, bringing a force of freedom through boundaries that still exist today. And so we breathed and moved together, cultivating beautiful mana within and all around us that lifted our spirits and filled our cups to renew, strengthen and serve.

It’s an honor working with and for a community of people fulfilling a mission that believes yoga and wellness must be accessible to everyone, centering our efforts on Kanaka Maoli, BIPOC and QTIA2Smāhū folx because we believe our liberation is bound. Looking forward to more in 2024! May we all be joyful, healthy and free.