Later, Sci

It’s been almost six months since I jotted this one down in my journal, and I’m happy to say my buddy Sci has finally moved on.  Celebrate each and every day, no matter what if brings!

January 26, 2014  

The mat these days has presented an interesting journey as I continue to make peace with my old friend “Sci” (aka Sciatica).  Unlike previous visits, he’s decided to overstay his welcome more than the usual week or two.  And so we do the dance, each and every day of practice.  Not really quite sure what he’ll bring each time, but its usually a rough, humbling start as I make my way through the first 30 to 50 breaths.  He finally seems to calm, feeling the love and ease of my practice and being.  Yes, there are attempts to disrupt this flow along the way, triggering hundreds of crazy thoughts through the brain ranging from “My days are numbered and I need a new frickin’ spine” to “You know it’s going to be alright”.  Back to the breath.  Back to liberation.  Back to joy.  

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