Greetings From Lawrence: June 2022


How wonderful it was hearing back from some of you responding with a little update of your own after last month’s encouragement.  Thank you and keep them coming!  Spring came and went, and I finally put some time into doing a little housekeeping with my website.  Please check it out:  Lawrence Muñoz Yoga.  Summer is here, and with the new season a time to bring awareness and connection to the heart, the fire element, love, joy and community.  A time to play!


Full Circle

It was about 14 years ago that Pearl, a cycling student and dear friend aware of the personal challenges and lower back issues I was experiencing at the time, encouraged me to take a yoga class from her teacher.  My response back then was typical, focused solely on the physical: “I’m already flexible”.  She explained that it would do more than enable me to touch my toes, and could help heal my heart and mind.  I usually try anything once, as long as it does no harm to others or myself, so after one of our Saturday morning cycling sessions I was introduced to my very first yoga teacher, Karen Holden.  Life as I knew it was changed forever through her wisdom and teachings during that first class and all that followed as she so beautifully led us through Hatha yoga and QiGong, inspiring me to begin my own regular practice.  I’ll never forget the quiet tears of surrender during my first savasana with her.  They don’t know this, but every morning I send a little intention of love and gratitude to both Pearl and Karen for being there at such a crazy time in my life.  As a yoga teacher I taught a class called Tapas for several years where practitioners spend anywhere from 5-12 breaths with hatha yoga postures influenced by the four seasons, Ayurvedic teachings and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  This led me to further feed my curiosity by becoming a consistent practitioner of Yin Yoga and QiGong, studying under various teachers over the last three years in addition to meditation and Ashtanga.  The transformation since adding QiGong to my daily practice has been amazing, experiencing more energy and “flow” in all aspects of life, including my own offering of classes.  So here’s the exciting news:  I’m now in my fifth week of deep diving into a 200 hour QiGong immersion under Master Lee Holden.  That’s right, Karen’s son!!  Stay tuned for more as we broaden our journey of wellness together.



Public classes continue through Yoga For Everyone and UFC Kailua, as well as private and semi private sessions in our Kailua yoga studio, beach, park and corporate facilities on site and online.  Please use the contact form on my website to reach out if you’re interested!



Our world continues to bring one challenge after another through disease, war, hate, corruption, greed, power and on and on.  It’s never-ending and consuming for those who care, and even more for those taking action.  Now more than ever a daily practice of breath, meditation and movement will help.  Years ago while doing research on my own indigenous roots I discovered a most auspicious symbol found in the sacred Aztec calendar.  “Ollin” represents the 17th day and tells of motion, seismic movement and transformation.  It further symbolizes a way of bringing balance day to day, even in times of struggle and chaos.  So to is yoga, a way of releasing or letting go of the energies and patterns that get in the way of our true self, our true purpose.  With consistent practice, change occurs bringing equanimity.  Transformation takes place physically, mentally and spiritually on your mat and in all aspects of daily life.  Practice.


All for now.  Please, please please remember to play and enjoy your summer!!

With Love,